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Hydraulic cylinders dimension symbols

D - inside diameter [mm]
d - piston rod diameter - [mm]
H - stroke [mm]
h - additional piston rod extension [mm]
Lc - hydraulic cylinder length when closed [mm]
a - bearing breadth [mm]
b - breadth of an end (b1 - cylinder; b2 - piston rod) [mm]
c1,c2 - feeding hole distance [mm]
C - breadth of piston rod race [mm]
do - mounting bolt diameter [mm]
D1 - outside cylinder diameter [mm]
D2 - outside diameter of a cylinder nut [mm]
D3 - outside diameter of a flange [mm]
Dp - pitch diameter of flange mounting holes [mm]
f - height of a piston rod end to hole axis
g - flange distance
k - incision length of a cylinder eye [mm]
M - thread of feeding holes
Mz/Mw - thread on a piston rod (z - outside, w - inside)
m - length of a piston rod thread [mm]
n - boss height
R - radius of an end (R1 - cylinder; R2 - piston rod) [mm]
T - pin distance [mm]
t - width of mounting pins [mm]
w - flange thickness [mm]
z - fixed length of a piston rod [mm]
α,β - feeding hole position for WHC hydraulic cylindersa