Investment Engineering Department  /  Specialisation


1. General performance of different objects, including:

  • design and counselling,
  • completion of outdoor nets and connections,
  • completion of construction works according to approved solution,
  • construction of industrial and technological installations,
  • completion of all indoor installations,
  • acceptance, obtaining decision of plant operation permit,
  • service within and after warranty period.

2. Building and modernising of heating systems, especially:

  • design and counselling,
  • distribution and assembly of heating devices,
  • construction of boiler-houses:
    - gas type (earth gas, liquefied gas),
    - oil type: (light heating oil, heavy heating oil S-3),
    - gas-oil type,
    - using renewable fuels,
  • Heating in plants (water, air and radiant type),
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation systems in industrial and public buildings, offices and flats,
  • start-up, adjustments, acceptance, trainings and service of the systems assembled,
  • thermal modernisation.

3. Installation service including:

  • service within and after warranty period, as well as operational service,
  • 24 h readiness to recover failures and breakdowns,
  • availability to react 365 days a year (We are on duty during holidays),
  • systematic cleaning of all installations and equipment in order to keep their high efficiency,
  • adjustments and measurements of useful work parameters.

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