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The WHS department - Power Hydraulics Department

  1. Manufacturing of details, units and machines on:

    CNC machine tools:
    Turning details on CNC lathes
    max. turning diameter - 500mm
    max. turninig length - 1250mm

    Milling on CNC milling centres
    table - 700mm x 2900mm
    feed in axis: x - 2600mm, y - 700mm, z - 700mm

    Universal machine tools:
    Turning details of maximum dimensions
    turning diameter - 1200mm
    turninig length - 6000mm

    Surface grinding
    max. grinding length - 550mm
    max. grinding width - 200mm
    max. spindle axis elevation above a table - 400mm

    Cylindrical grinding
    diameter Ø - 300mm
    length L - 2000mm

  2. We manufacture:

    • power hydraulics elements,

      • hydraulic cylinders of different types,

        • hydraulic cylinder piston up to 300mm,

        • hydraulic cylinder stroke up to 5000mm,

        • chromium coating,

        • NiCr coating,

        • special ANTISOL coating resistant to aggressive salt environments.

      • hydraulic supports,

      • hydraulic intensifiers,

      • hydraulic valves (ZO, ZZ, ZDZ, ZSZ),

      • hydraulic units.

    • hydraulically powered technological equipment with PLC control.

  3. Design and manufacturing of technological equipment and hydraulically powered machines with PLC control.

  4. Consultancy services for checking of static calculations and structural design for Specialized Mining Equipment.

  5. Consultancy services in the design and construction of special structures.

  6. Consultancy services in the field of hydraulic and control.

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Power Hydraulics Department Manager
M.Sc. Kazimierz Koźbiał

phone: (+48) 71 317 12 18
ext. 115, 116, 117, 122, 126, 128, 129, 131
fax: (+48) 71 317 77 35

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.