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Hydraulic cylinders marking

1. Hydraulic cylinder name and type:
WHC - two-way piston hydraulic cylinder
WHZ- two-way piston hydraulic cylinder with control valve
WHS - special piston hydraulic cylinder made to customer's order
WHT - telescopic hydraulic cylinder (in development)

2. WHC, WHS and WHZ piston hydraulic cylinders installation:
1 - by means of eye with slide bearing
2 - by means of eye with joint bearing
3 - with uniform (forged) piston rod
4 - by means of pins
5 - by means of flange
6 - by means of lugs
7 - according to customer requirements.

3. Piston diameter - D

4. Piston rod diameter - d

5. Hydraulic cylinder stroke - H

6. Dimension when closed - Lc

7. Additional piston rod extension - h

8a. WHC hydraulic cylinders feeding hole position:
- inlet - α
- outlet - β


8b. Valve position in WHZ hydraulic cylinders:


9. Piston rod coating:
A - antisole - providing increased resistance to salt environment
B - chromium (standard)
C - NiCr

WHC hydraulic cylinder mounted on fixed bushes (1), piston diameter (D) 100 mm,
piston rod diameter (d) 50 mm, stroke (H) 300 mm, dimension when closed (Lc) 650 mm,
additional extension (h) 11 mm, feeding holes position (α/β) 0/0,
with standard piston rod coating (B).