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Hydraulic cylinders


Hydraulic cylinders technical data:

  1. Piston - Ø 25mm ÷ Ø 500mm,
  2. Piston rod - Ø 16mm ÷ Ø 250mm,
  3. Stroke - to 5000mm,
  4. Nominal pressure - Pn = 35MPa (350 bar),
  5. Test pressure - Pp = 1.5 x Pn,
  6. Speed of piston travelling - Vmax = 0.5m/s,
  7. Temperature range:
    - working medium temperature: -25°C ÷ +200°C (248°K ÷ 473°K),
    - working environment temperature: -20°C ÷ +100°C (253°K ÷ 373°K),
  8. Working medium: hydraulic oils with a viscosity v = 10cSt ÷ 450cSt, water, emulsions,
  9. Required nominal accuracy of working medium filtering <100µm,
  10. Total efficiency >0.95,
  11. Optional equipment:
    - piston rod ends: to be screwed on, screwed in, welded, special to order,
    - double controlled check valves Z2S6, Z2S10 - PONAR WADOWICE,
    - braking cartridge valves company SUN, HYDAC,
    - sensors measuring path of piston rod within the range from 25mm to 4000mm.

In the hydraulic cylinder production we use seals of the companies BUSAK-SHAMBAN, MERKEL, HALLITE, SIMRIT or seals required by a customer.
In the hydraulic cylinder construction WROPOL ENGINEERING uses finite element method (FEM).