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BISON III strong

Recommended application: Processing of biomass and other materials that are suitable for briquetting. High performance press for the manufacture of stove, fireplace briquettes and other applications where the primary objective is very high density and exceptional quality of the material after briquetting. Press is characterized by high efficiency in relation to installed capacity. Very strong mechanical and hydraulic design suitable for continuous use. Model particularly recommended for industrial facilities, where the very good quality briquettes must go along with performance and reliability.

Efficiency: 330kg/h ÷ 460kg/h
Installed power: 30kW
Overall dimensions of briquette: 60x120x80*
Density: 1100kg/m3 ÷ 1400kg/m3**
( * ) - max value, shortening causes a drop in performance but increase density
( ** ) - depends on the material used for briquetting

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